Brentwood, TN, Loosens Restrictive Sign Code

On July 25, 2016, Brentwood, TN, slightly "modernized" what it views as a "very restrictive" sign code to allow car signs and sandwich boards on a limited basis. Cars visible from the public right-of-way, with attached signs, are limited to parking in one spot for two hours, and four hours total from sunset to sunrise. Sandwich boards must be situated within 2 feet of the business they identify.

Additionally, the new ordinance limits mixed-use buildings to three signs, with maximum sizes of 40 to 90 square feet, depending on location.

High school scoreboards with digital graphics and animation are only permitted to be used during "athletic events" and can't have any permanent signage.

In 1972, Brentwood enacted its first sign ordinance, which limited freestanding signs to a 6-foot height.   

Information on the city's sign codes can be found at