When San Jose Re-wrote its Sign Code to Accommodate Knight-Ridder

In the late 1990s, San Jose had a fairly restrictive sign code. But the publishing conglomerate, Knight-Ridder Corp., wanted to relocate there to Silicon Valley from Miami. Cities often offer incentives to attract major businesses. In this case, San Jose offered to rewrite its sign code if renowned designer Michael Manwaring was hired. The San Jose Redevelopment Agnecy previously worked with Manwaring.

Manwaring subsequently designed two curved, 13 x 95-foot signs that were erected on the rooftop of the 17-story building. Each of the 54,.000-lb. signs were lifted into place by a 350-to crane. Each has a 158-degree radius. The full story appears in the March 2000 issue of Signs of the Times magazine.