AACSRE Appoints FASI's Wade Swormstedt as "Friend"

The Academic Advisory Council for Signage Research & Education (AACSRE) has appointed Wade Swormstedt, the Executive Director of the Foundation for the Advancement of the SIgn Industry (FASI), as one of its two inaugural "Friends."  Researcher Jennifer Klena is the other Friend.

The AACSRE website explains, "Because of the interdisciplinary nature of this field of study, AACSRE often looks to professional knowledge leaders for inspiration relating to emerging issues and 'hot topics.' Given the importance of this knowledge, as well as the interest of these professionals in engaging, AACSRE has created a special category of membership. These individuals, recruited in the same fashion as their academic counterparts, will be identified by the Executive Board and, after consideration by the full membership, will be invited to become a Friend of AACSRE."

For additional information on AACSRE, please contact Patty Herbin at (336) 260-3197 or by email at patty@aacsre.org or Dawn Jourdan at dawn@aacsre.org.