South Carolina Dismisses GC Requirement Following Sign Association Feedback

The United States Sign Council (USSC) has announced that the state of South Carolina has now passed a bill that exempts the sign industry from being required to be licensed as general contractors with sub classifications in concrete and structural framing. USSC worked in conjunction with the International Sign Association and the Southern States Sign Association to, at first, obtain a one-year exemption for the requirement. Then, however, State Senator Harvey S. Peeler, Jr. (R-Cherokee) sponsored Bill S. 280, which amends Section 40-11-260 of the 1976 Code, which mandated licensing. S. 280 creates a permanent exemption for sign companies.

Section 2.A. of the bill states, "This item does not apply to . . .," and then Item 11 under Section 2.A. specifies, (11) "The installation, repair, or maintenance of signs of billboards; provided, however, an electrical license is required to perform a final connection to a branch circuit conductor.  The installation or modification of a branch circuit conductor is not considered a part of the installation, repair, or maintenance of a sign or billboard.”

The item relevant to the sign industry is at the very end of the Bill, but S. 280 can be seen in its entirety at