Digital Signage Federation Establishes National Standards

The Digital Signage Federation (DSF), Warrenton, VA, has established the first national standards for dynamic digital signage, in order to provide a resource for colleges, universities, and other academic organizations as they develop curricula for careers in dynamic digital signage. Courses and curricula in many universities, community colleges, and technical schools already incorporate elements that would contribute to developing a specialty track, certification program, or full degree program that would lead to careers in the dynamic, digital-signage industry.

The DSF Education and Standards committees developed the resource and updates the standards regularly and solicits input from industry and academic professionals. The version and revision date of the standards is printed on the standards document. The DSF Education Committee sets the review process and publishes the updated versions of the standards. The most current version of the standards published on the DSF website is considered the officially adopted standard.

To read the full set of curricula and standards, go to