ISA Member Survey Shows Positive Growth and Expectations

For the past three years, the International Sign Association had conducted State of the Industry surveys with the CEOs of its member companies during its annual Sign Expo. The survey for 2015 produced the following results:

More than 80% of the responding companies experienced growth in the past 6 months, and less than 2% suffered a decline in sales. The percentage of companies whose sales grew by more than 20% in the past 6 months, 38%, is more than double the 17% who enjoyed such growth in 2013.  

Among one-location sign companies, nearly half (49%) enjoyed sales growth of more than 20% inthe past 6 months, and none reported a sales decline.

As for 2016, 40% of the CEOs anticipate growing by more than 20%, and less than 2% anticipate a decline in sales.

Nearly half (49%) of the CEOS definitely plan to purchase new equipment in 2016.

More than two-thirds of the CEOs (68%) expect to add more staff in 2016.

Although the full report is only available to ISA members, the ISA website includes significant information about the sign industry. Go to

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