ISA Helps Connect Sign Companies and Employee Candidates

The International Sign Association (ISA) has partnered with the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) to establish a “job bank” complete with skills assessments in 15 areas, so sign companies seeking workers, and people seeking sign-company employment, can find each other.  The program offers two types of testing:

Pre-Employment Testing

Evaluate Knowledge and Skill of Existing Employees



• Construction

• Electrical Occupations

• Electronics

• Electronics Technology

• Industrial Electricity

• Industrial Electronics

• Mechanical Drafting & Design

• Precision Machining

• Skills for Workplace Success

• Technical Drafting

• Visual Communications & Multimedia Design

• Welding

After having passed each assessment, job candidates and employees receive a digital badge – an electronic acknowledgement of their skills, learning and achievement. 

What Is A Digital Badge? 

• Acknowledges skills and learning through a digital credential
• Validates talents and knowledge
• Provides promotional opportunity as a part of portfolio
• Shows competencies earned

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