ISA and USSC Will Both Contribute to American Planning Association 2017 National Convention

The International Sign Association (ISA) and the United States Sign Council (USSC) will both contribute to sessions at the American Planning Association's 2017 National Planning Conference, which will be held May 6-9 in New York City. 

Last year, ISA's James Carpentier (its Manager, State & Local Government Affairs) moderated a session that focused on the aftermath of the Reed vs. City of Gilbert SCOTUS decision from 2016. He was joined by Cleveland State Professor Alan Weinstein and former Ohio APA Chapter President Wendy Moeller. The three people will return in 2017 to present "What Do We Do Post-Reed?" on Saturday May 6 at 4:00.

To read a synopsis of the impact of the 2016 session, go to

Additionally, the results of a study funded by USSC will be presented. Philip Garvey, the Senior Research Associate at Penn State University's Larson Transportation Institute, will present the results of a sign-illumination study in a session entitled "A Guide to National Sign-Illumination Standards." Weinstein will participate in this session as well, which will be presented directly after the above session.