Intl. Sign Assn. Now Offers 58 Online Classes in 9 Categories

The International Sign Association (ISA) has added new classes to its Online Learning Series, and now offers 58 classes in 9 categories, which are available 24 hours a day, on demand. The categories and numbers of classes are:

Design (4)

Digital Signage (14)

Fabrication (8)

Installation (5)

Management (6)

Marketing (7)

Project Management (5)

Safety and Regulation (2)

Sales (5)

Two other classes are offered in Spanish. For descriptions of every class, go to

AACSRE Publishes Second Signage/Wayfinding Journal

The Academic Advisory Council for Signage Research and Education has published the second edition of its Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding. All five artciles can be seen at Article titles are:

Factors Affecting Sign Visibility, Conspicuity, and Legibility: Review and Annotated Bibliography  

A Study of Effectiveness of Midblock Pedestrian Crossings: Analyzing a Selection of High-Visibility Warning Signs

Wayfinding Signage Considerations in International Airports

Accessible Wayfinding: Empathy, Human-Centered Design, and a Blank Slate

Do Motorists See Business Signs? Maybe. Maybe Not. A Study of the Probability that Motorists View On-Premise Signs

Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD) Honors Jan Lorenc as a "Fellow"

The Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD) has bestowed its highest honor on designer Jan Lorenc by naming him a Fellow. Read an interview with Lorenc here.

Jan Lorenc has been an innovative designer for more than three decades (see below). He is also the reason that Signs of the Times magazine added an Entry Monument category to its Commercial Sign Design Contest in 1988. He submitted several projects to the magazine's 1987 contest, but they didn't fit into any specific category. However, they were so compelling, the magazine published them anyway in its January 1987 issue.

ISA Elite Adds 34 Emerging Leaders for 2017

The International Sign Association (ISA) has announced that it has added 34 emerging leaders to its ISA Elite program for 2017. This third iteration adds to the 36 people in the inaugural 2015 class, and the 35 named to the 2016 class. This year's selection was chosen from 150 applicants.

The ISA Elite receive free entry to all education sessions and three nights’ hotel accommodations at ISA International Sign Expo 2017, which will be held April 20-22, 2017 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. A two-day leadership retreat will be held in the fall for the 2017 Elite participants.
To  read the names of the recipients and get more information, go to


USSC to Distribute Reed v. Gilbert Report at APA Convention

The United State Sign Council (USSC) has announced that it will be releasing a comprehensive report on the Reed v. Gilbert SCOTUS decision at the American Planning Association's National Planning Conference, which will be held May 6-9 in New York City.

The research team is headed by Steven Brody of Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP (New York NY). He is the author of a treatise titled Advertising and Commercial Speech: A First Amendment Guide, which is updated annually.

USSC states, "Steve is an established authority on constitutional issues, including First Amendment and Commerce Clause matters, as well as advertising cases. He will provide a report that delineates the true meaning of the Reed case, and can give sign companies and sign applicants a road map as to how to use the Reed case and make the winning legal arguments."

For additional information, please contact Rick Crawford at the USSC; (215)345-1481 or

USSC has also released more details about its presentation at the APA conference: "A Guide to National Sign Illumination Standards, which will introduce national sign-illumination standards, based on research conducted at the Larson Transportation Institute at Pennsylvania State University.

USSC states, "The Guideline Standards will be a comprehensive document covering a wide variety of sign lighting topics, including scientifically verifiable sign-illumination standards and how they impact both aesthetics and traffic safety, a legal framework for "time, place, and manner" sign-illumination regulation post-Reed vs. Town of Gilbert, as well as key factors that local communities should be aware of when implementing sign-illumination restrictions."

USSC will be coordinating the presentation, all based on USSC research. Speakers will include:

Philip Garvey, Senior Researcher, Penn State, State College PA

Professor Alan Weinstein, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cleveland State University, Cleveland OH

Dr. Donald Poland, AICP, Goman+York, Hartford CT

Richard Crawford, Esquire, United States Sign Council, Bristol PA


AACSRE Announces First Class of Three "Emerging Fellows"

The Academic Advisory Council for Signage Research and Education (AACSRE) has announced its first class of three Emerging Fellows. The Emerging Fellows Program is designed to expand the thought leadership that impacts on-premise signage. The first three Fellows are:

Dr. Aparna Sundar is an Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Lundquist College of Business at the University of Oregon. She will focus on the effects of color in Graphic design

Dr. Eric Ragan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Visualization at Texas A&M University. He will focus on the impact of infographics on signage.

Kelsey Dalton McClellan is a graduate student in the Art Administration and Policy program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She will focus on the economic impact of on-premise signage in urban business districts.

The Emerging Fellows Committee is chaired by Dr. Steven Kopp of the University of Arkansas.

Abstracts from the three Emerging Fellows, their biographies and more information about the Emerging Fellows Program can be found at


AACSRE Appoints FASI's Wade Swormstedt as "Friend"

The Academic Advisory Council for Signage Research & Education (AACSRE) has appointed Wade Swormstedt, the Executive Director of the Foundation for the Advancement of the SIgn Industry (FASI), as one of its two inaugural "Friends."  Researcher Jennifer Klena is the other Friend.

The AACSRE website explains, "Because of the interdisciplinary nature of this field of study, AACSRE often looks to professional knowledge leaders for inspiration relating to emerging issues and 'hot topics.' Given the importance of this knowledge, as well as the interest of these professionals in engaging, AACSRE has created a special category of membership. These individuals, recruited in the same fashion as their academic counterparts, will be identified by the Executive Board and, after consideration by the full membership, will be invited to become a Friend of AACSRE."

For additional information on AACSRE, please contact Patty Herbin at (336) 260-3197 or by email at or Dawn Jourdan at


ISA and USSC Will Both Contribute to American Planning Association 2017 National Convention

The International Sign Association (ISA) and the United States Sign Council (USSC) will both contribute to sessions at the American Planning Association's 2017 National Planning Conference, which will be held May 6-9 in New York City. 

Last year, ISA's James Carpentier (its Manager, State & Local Government Affairs) moderated a session that focused on the aftermath of the Reed vs. City of Gilbert SCOTUS decision from 2016. He was joined by Cleveland State Professor Alan Weinstein and former Ohio APA Chapter President Wendy Moeller. The three people will return in 2017 to present "What Do We Do Post-Reed?" on Saturday May 6 at 4:00.

To read a synopsis of the impact of the 2016 session, go to

Additionally, the results of a study funded by USSC will be presented. Philip Garvey, the Senior Research Associate at Penn State University's Larson Transportation Institute, will present the results of a sign-illumination study in a session entitled "A Guide to National Sign-Illumination Standards." Weinstein will participate in this session as well, which will be presented directly after the above session.


AACSRE Publishes Inaugural Journal

The Academic Advisory Council for Signage Research and Education (AACSRE) has published the inaugural issue of its Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding. The issue includes an introduction from the editor, Dawn Jourdan, who also serves as AACSRE's chairperson of the board.

The journal includes four articles:

The Effect of Font Characteristics on Large Format Display (Penn State's Philip Garvey, Wei-Yin Eie, and M. Jennifer Klenna)

Signage as Marketing Communication: A Conceptual Model and Research Propositions (University of Cincinnati's James Kellaris and Karen A Machleit)

A String of Pearls (Route 66 revitalization) (University of Oklahoma's Stephanie Pilat)  

A Review of Pathways to Better Community Wayfinding (Texas A&M's Dawn Jourdan and Fashion Institute of Technology's Craig Berger)

The journal can be accessed at

For more information, contact Dawn Jourdan at (816) 739-4416 or

SGIA Journal Publishes Article about Sign Moratoriums

The November/December 2016 issues of the SGIA Journal includes an article entitled "Invasion of the Moratoriums." In it, Rick Hartwig,  EHS Specialist, Government and Business Information, SGIA (Specialty Graphics Imaging Association), discusses how moratoriums (which mandate a temporary cessation of new sign permits) are used by municipalities. He outlines their impact on communities and some of the pitfalls.

Typically, SGIA Journal articles are only available to SGIA members/subscribers. However, this particular article was reprinted by permission at

ISA Doubles the Size of its Elite Class to More than 70

The International Sign Association (ISA) has added 35 people to its ISA Elite group for 2016. This program is designed to cultivate workforce development within the sign industry by helping to educate sign-industry employees born after January 1, 1982. The inaugural class in 2015 included 36 people, and the 2016 class added 35 more. You can read about the program at The latest news item about being included in the upcoming 2017 class can be found at

Maryland Sign Association Creates Neon/LED Display at Electronics Museum

On November 3, 2016, The National Electronics Museum in Linthicum, Maryland held a grand opening of a new sign exhibit, which features neon and LED signage, appropriately named “A Blaze of Crimson Light: The Science of Neon and the Future of LEDs”. Sponsored by the Maryland Sign Association, the event was designed, fabricated and installed with contributions from its board and members.

The new exhibit showcases the science behind neon and LED signage while paying homage to the rich history of signage in Maryland. Keynote speaker Tod Swormstedt, from the American Sign Museum (, presented an informative display of the technology and culture of historical signs and their preservation.

“It is a great honor to have partnered with the National Electronics Museum on this exciting new exhibit. It will not only educate the public on the science behind signage, but it may inspire the next generation to consider a career path in the sign industry,” said Max Aronow, Maryland Sign Association President.

The exhibit, open to the public, will run for six months. The signs displayed in the exhibit are available for purchase through an ongoing silent auction that will close at the end of the exhibit’s run. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the National Electronic Museum and the Maryland Sign Association.  To participate in the silent auction online, please visit .

The exhibit can be viewed at the National Electronics Museum located at 1745 West Nursery Road, Linthicum, Maryland.

For more information:

AACSRE Announces Emerging Fellows Program for Signage Research

The Academic Advisory Council for Signage Research and Education (AACSRE), has announced its Emerging Fellows program, which provides research support for projects related to the societal benefits of on-premise signs.  The program is designed to stimulate and extend research projects by scholars, from public and private U. S. universities, who have demonstrated promise and/or success in conducting research related to signage. The scope of proposals may vary widely across disciplines and methodologies.  Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Scholarship of legal issues related to signs and wayfinding

  • Creative activity related to the design of new signs or the reuse of existing signs

  • Engineering studies related to signs and traffic safety and mobility

  • Economic analysis related to the value of signs

  • Marketing or other business research on the value of a brand or logo as depicted on a sign


Fellowships will be awarded to support the development and dissemination of signage research. Applications and/or questions should be directed to Patty Herbin at or telephone 336-260-3197.

AACSRE to Launch The Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding

The Academic Advisory Council for Signage Research and Education (AACSRE) has announced that it will be releasing the inaugural issue of The Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding on December 31, 2016. This on-line, open-source journal seeks to be the home for scholarship in the field of signage and wayfinding. This first issue is being developed by Dr. Dawn Jourdan, Professor and Executive Associate Dean of the College of Architecture at Texas A & M. She is also the President of AACSRE. 

SEGD/Hablamos Juntos Study Produces Symbols for Use in Health-care Facilities

The Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD) partnered to commission a research study entitled "Universal Symbols in Health Care," which is intended to alleviate the challenge of providing services to people with limited English proficiency (LEP) and limited reading proficiency. The two-phase, seven-year study resulted in 56 symbols that could be used on health-care signage.

SEGD worked in conjunction with Hablamos Juntos, whose ongoing mission is to provide practical solutions to language barriers in healthcare. The initial phase was supported with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Five components of the study are:

Part 1: Formulating a Symbols-Based Wayfinding Strategy
Part 2: Destination Criteria and Referent Naming
Part 3: Design and Development Using Symbols
Part 4: Design Testing and Analysis
Part 5: Symbol Support and Education

The complete workbook can be downloaded at

ISA Publishes Four-Part Series on Digital Signage

The International Sign Association has published a four-part series of articles about digital signage. All are free to ISA members and $24.95 each for non-members. The four articles are:

Selecting & Developing Exterior Digital Signage

Exterior Digital Signage Legibility and Content

Architectural Integration: Making Digital Signs Part of a Place

Digital Sign Codes and Design Best Practices

For more information, go to

Wide-Format Output Expected to Nearly Double by 2020

Over the next four years, wide-format production graphics are expected to nearly double in North America, creating significant opportunities. But understanding those opportunities—and related challenges—can be complex. The International Sign Association’s most recent white paper, “Wide Format Print Trends, Opportunities & Challenges: Identifying Areas of Untapped Potential in the Wide Format Market,” is designed to help sign, graphics and visual communications understand more.

The white paper, compiled by InfoTrends, includes research that shows print volumes for wide- format production graphics in North America are expected to rise from approximately 460 million square meters (more than 4.9 billion square feet) in 2015 to 849 million square meters (9.1 billion square feet) by 2020.

According to the white paper: “There is clearly a great deal of untapped potential in the wide format market, and businesses that can leverage this opportunity will be well-positioned for future success. Survey respondents who were currently offering wide format printing services were quite optimistic about their wide format volumes.”

The white paper also explores technological advances that are fueling the growth; soft signage opportunities; competition from commercial printers; the demand for increased through-put; single pass; and wide-format packaging.

The white paper is available at It is free for ISA and Affiliated Association members and $24.95 for nonmembers.

United States Sign Council Publishes "Free Speech Law for On Premise Signs"

The United States Sign Council (USSC) has published "Free Speech Law for On Premise Signs," a 94-page handbook that updates the original 2012 handbook in lieu of the Reed v. Gilbert SCOTUS decision from June 2015. Authored by Daniel Mandelker, the publication is designed for the both the layperson and the professional, and it examines First Amendment principles and court decisions that affect the regulation of signs. A complete download of the handbook is available on the USSC website at